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Video Monetization

Can you explain more simply what video monetization is?

First, we’ll help get your videos up onto YouTube; then onto other video sites when applicable. Next, our team will monetize each video with several different ad placements on pages and channels that your video appears on. The types of advertisements vary: In-Stream Ads, In-Video Overlay Ads and/or Standard Banner Ads. Consumers are accustomed to video ads throughout YouTube. For each stream that is viewed, you’ll generate income.

Is video distribution and monetization a growing market?

Yes. Over the past 5 years we’ve developed a video distribution & monetization network that is one of the largest in the world.  Sugo Music Group manages hundreds of video channels within the Internet, YouTube & other social media sites. Our audiovisual team will provide full optimization, protection, processing and monetization on most major DMS partner video sites.

Can I monetize my videos myself?

Yes, you could try to do so, yet we already have enterprise partnerships with the leading ad placement and video content monetization companies in the world. Together we supervise and monetize a growing network of channels on a daily basis that include quality control and targeted advertisements within each channel and page that your videos appear on. It is time consuming work and requires significant expertise and training to do so. The technology we are using is some of the most advanced in the world today for optimizing the monetization process of videos and is designed to yield the highest possible revenue CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

Can’t I just use YouTube to monetize my videos?

Yes, you could try to do so as there are alternate solutions for video monetization, including YouTube’s service, yet they may not be optimal. For instance, sites such as YouTube uses their own advertising company for ad placements on video channels. YouTube’s sales team primarily focuses on monetizing YouTube’s home page and top level domains (e.g. Eminem’s video channel). Why? The math is simple; the home page is worth $500K per day! However, there is still a market for the remaining ad inventory for smaller independent video channels—and our audiovisual team and advertisement partners are experts at monetizing all of your videos!

Are there any set-up fees to monetize my videos?

No, not when you work with our company. Although video monetization can be time intensive work, we do not charge any set-up fees or additional up-front costs whatsoever. We bear all of the set-up & monetization expenses out of our share—with no hidden fees or charge-backs to you.

How are video monetization revenues tracked and accounted for?

All revenues are tracked on a cost per thousand impression (CPM) basis and we meticulously report on how much views and revenue each one of your video assets generates in an accounting period. There is typically a nine month lead time before your first reporting takes place because our monetization team has to process your content, ingest it into the system, build your Content ID docket, distribute, manage the ad inventory online, selling and trafficking the ads, and get paid by the advertisers.

Can you ensure that no explicit advertisements will be seen with my videos?

Yes. You can rest assured that all advertising sold around your content must conform to family friendly guidelines. You will never see ads for adult content, alcohol, tobacco, weapons or other non-family friendly products or services when working with us.

What are the revenue rates for video monetization?

Rates can vary from $1 to as high as $300 per 1000 views. The current payout CPM (cost per thousand impressions) on average is about $2.75-$3.50 per 1,000 views (this is conservative). For channels and videos that develop higher viewership, higher dollar ad values are sold, $18-$30 per 1,000 views for videos with 100,000 or more views. If channels or videos go viral and exceed 800,000+ views, significantly higher “paid product placement” ads are sold and they can reach as high as $90-$300 per 1,000 views.

Are there different types or tiers of payout rates? Can you be more specific about these?

Yes. There are three classifications of advertisement inventory available: 1) Run of Content: Advertisers purchase ads targeted across the entire content network without regard to any individual piece of category of content. These are generally direct response advertisers looking for performance. The ads are often sold by advertising networks and exchanges. Rates are commonly around $1 CPM and consist mostly of banner ads and sponsored links; 2) Run of Audience: Advertisers purchase video or display ads around content segmented into categories that correspond to general audience appeal. Examples could be ‘Auto’, or ‘Basketball’. This inventory may be sold by our advertising partner, the publisher, or an affiliate. Rates are commonly $4-12 CMP for video pre-roll or in video overlays; 3) Direct Sold: Brand advertises purchase premium: 15 and 30 second video pre-roll (movie trailers/ premium commercials, etc.) directly from our advertising partner with stringent targeting and tracking requirements. Rates are commonly $15+ CPM (cost per thousand impressions) for video pre-roll.

Why is your company better at this service than other companies?

Our video optimization process drives average monetization lift from 28% to near 90%—a 3x increase in content available for monetization on these types of DMS channels. Our system strives to fill 100% of all available inventories at the highest possible rate. Our audiovisual team and monetization partners are dedicated, on a daily basis, to actively growing this side of the business with significant opportunity to generate additional revenues for you.

Can I opt out of advertising at any time?

Yes.  Most, if not all, label partners choose to stay in the program as this service increases overall earnings.

Why is a third party claiming rights to my video on YouTube?

We collect money for the usage of your music in videos, and this includes videos you may have already uploaded. This notice means the Content ID system identified your song and it’s now setup to generate revenue for that video. Thus, if you login to your YouTube account and see a copyright notice next to your videos– don’t worry! You don’t need to take action. We are not claiming ownership of your song; we are simply generating revenue for you and YouTube has notified you!

What should I do if YouTube shows me a copyright notice concerning videos I’ve uploaded that contain my own music?

Do not do anything! This is simply a YouTube notification that your music is now ready for monetization on YouTube. Do not dispute this or do anything else! Thus, if you login to your YouTube account and see a copyright notice next to your videos– don’t worry! You don’t need to take action. We are not claiming ownership of your song; we are simply generating revenue for you and YouTube has notified you!

Whenever your videos (or someone else’s videos that use your music) are played, you’ll earn money from ad revenue.

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