Willie Nelson


Willie Nelson

Willie is a renowned singer-songwriter, author, poet, actor and activist. His worldwide critical acclaim spans nearly 50 years.
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Tom Scott presents Paulette McWilliams

Vocalist Paulette McWilliams and veteran session pro Tom Scott swing hard on this slick, refreshing collection of mostly standards.
Bill Banfield 241x241

Bill Banfield’s Jazz Urbane

A contemporary recording/performing collective infused with great R&B song writing, melodies, grooves and a style that crosses several bridges.
Bob Marley All The Hits 241x241

Bob Marley

Without doubt, this Jamaican legand can now be recognized as one of the most important figures in 20th century music.
Bones Thugs N Harmony 241x241

Bones, Thugs-N-Harmony

Graced with a unique sense of melody, rhythm and charisma, this act blew up the charts and mesmerized the world!

Uncle Ill, Eminem & Hush

Featuring some of the Detroit's hottest rap legends, this trio burns up the charts and cashes in with hard hits & infectious beats.

Vanessa Williams

She’s one of the most respected & multi-faceted performers in entertainment today—actress, singer, dancer, author & Broadway star.

Oleta Adams

Known with her honest, soulful vocals, unforgettable songs & uplifting arrangements, Oleta has marveled audiences worldwide.

Ambition “The Kid”

This all-around-entertainer has already performed with Pretty Ricky & alongside Rick Ross, Trey Songz, Kerri Hilson & Eric Bene’t.

Club Ecstasy “San Francisco”

Featuring Djornovic, Distant People, Buzz Compass, DJ Tom, DJ Mattiello, T.I.M.O., DJ Cioby, Antony Well, Cmore Trix, Beekay Deep…

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